Blue Print for Success

Falling demand, tight credit, and unprecedented economic challenges are forcing businesses to look for tools and means of reducing cost, increasing productivity, maintain-even increase customer base, avoiding costly initiatives, and improve quality. The essence of this initiative, Supply Chain Institute, is to address these problems by providing analytics, modeling capability, and execution methods to assist with the resolving of the real life business problems.

Blue Print for Success

The fundamental blue print for management of any business is knowledge. It is imperative to learn and know how a business is running inside and how the completion operates outside. “What if” scenario capability department by department and for the entire business is considered as a required basic tool. This essential step may be executed on the repository of business intelligence. How the business knowledge should be utilized and implemented, in achieving above said goals, by itself, is another predicament.

Business intelligence is the main thrust for bettering of any business. However, a peculiar and premeditated, well planned, result oriented, step-by-step procedure is imperative to mine the collected knowledge. A SWOT analysis followed by the completion of the business intelligence analysis will normally reveal the points of pains. All attributes of weakness can be easily correlated to performance in operational departments. A synchronized and harmonized performance plan will lead a business from “as is” into the era of the desired, “to be”.

Any performance analysis, planning and management are not efficient and effective without consideration of the associated risk involved. We should investigate any action with its corresponding risk. In any risk analysis pertaining to an action, we need to analyze three attributes. Namely, cost/benefit, environment and customer. Today, in performance analysis, primarily, only the immediate cost/benefit attribute of the action is optimized in conjunction with existing constraints and goals. This myopic approach disregards the ramification of an action for long term (customer attribute) and environment (disposal or VOC). We will provide a coherent and comprehensive approach for optimal operations in with utilization of business intelligence casted in performance and risk analysis optimizer.

Proper application of quantitative methods, if properly implemented, would be the largest asst to a manager. A non practical and pragmatic approach can be your largest time and money drain. Our proposed methods and techniques are tested and proven practical in industrial settings.

In the coming days and months, I will go through a complete dissecting of existing industrial problems and the proposed solutions.

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