Javad Seyed, Ph.D.

Javad Seyed, Ph.D. is a principal and the founder of the Supply Chain Institute for BI, Performance and Risk Management. The institute accommodates for educational as well as practical challenges that are adversely impacting industries for a profitable business. Through analysis of processes, functions, organization and systems, the institute has developed proprietary methods, applications and technology that capitalizes on internal and external BI. These methods, identifies opportunities for streamlining and revamping of business processes through performance analysis and management in consideration of potential financial risk.

Javad has over 21 years industrial and academic experience in recommending cutting edge methodology and technology for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of resource utilization and enhance competitive position of businesses.

Javad has held senior-level operations, engineering, consulting and management positions at various industries. Most recently, he served as the Sr. Director of R&D at a Pre-IPO supply chain event management company in Silicon Valley. Prior to that, he was the V.P. of departments of Operations, Forecasting, Supply Chain Management, VMI and Operations Research at Fruit of the Loom, a global textile and apparel industry. Javad was a Department Head at Glaxo-Wellcome pharmaceutical company. During his tenure at GSK, he got experience with all aspects of pharmaceutical industry, from drug discovery, resource allocation, product development, portfolio optimization, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and sales. Additionally he served in projects pertaining to business development, information technology and operational, tactical and strategic planning. He has designed, developed and implemented many decision support systems and has been pioneer in application of emerging technologies in businesses. His principal contributions have been in the areas of enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, optimization of resource utilization, product and market analysis.

Javad Seyed has a B.Sc degree in petroleum field engineering, a M.S. and Ph.D. in operation research from George Washington University and North Carolina State University, respectively. He has remained active in academia, as adjunct professor by teaching in graduate and MBA programs. He has published many research papers and presented at many conferences in the US.

Javad current projects includes BI, Performance and risk analysis in today’s market.

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