Supply Chain Institute: Welcome

Supply Chain Institute

Thank you for visiting our new preliminary Internet Site of Supply Chain Institute. As a new resource for BI, operation performance, and risk management, we want to keep you informed of the latest news, advancement in the field, and the offerings of the Institute. To that effect and the opportunity of networking, the site’s content management system has been designed for initial communication. It will enable us to always keep you up to date. With a few simple clicks, you will register on the site and become a member of the mailing list of our institute.

Presently, our web site is still under construction. We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of offers (enhanced by your suggestions and recommendations) as soon as possible. In the near future we will provide you with information regarding BI, risk, and performance analysis in the context of supply chain management. The emphasis of our business is on the new methodology and technology on the core competency and focus of the Institute, Supply Chain Management. This topic is certainly of interest to you. Please register and check this site later. You may email us at or call us at (919)618-0743. Our fax number is (419) 818-8537.

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