Board Members

Javad Seyed, Ph.D.Founder, Supply Chain Institute and Adjunct Professor Business Operations Management

I am currently teaching Operations Management (Supply Chain Management) related courses on and off the ground (Online) classes. I am involved in many academic (Ph.D. Dissertation) and industrial projects along the same line of activity. I am interested in Pharmaceutical, CPG, and R&D industries. The home page of is you arena for interchange of ideas and collaboration on Risk, BI, Performance Management in th context of Supply and Demand Chain. I may be reached at


Joseph ChenChief Information Officer, Supply Chain Institute

Seasoned, ambitious professional with solid record of achievement spearheading complex global projects; excel at designing, developing, implementing, delivering, and managing business projects and technology-driven solutions. Capitalize on additional business opportunities via strategic planning, team-building, and effective relationship management. Impressive history of leading Lean transformation to capture supply chain optimization, while equipping top-performing teams with tools to drive operational excellence and deliver world-class operations.

Specialties: Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Lean Six Sigma, Innovative & Visionary Leadership, Strategic Planning & Analysis, Throughput & Productivity Maximization, Robust & Technology-Driven Solutions, Transportation, Logistics Operations, 3PL, Warehousing & Inventory Control, Team-building & Training Initiatives, Operations Analysis / Process Redesign, Business Opportunity Identifications, Requirement Definition & Analysis

Website Administrator, Supply Chain Institute

Language learning, intercultural communication, business, and technology interest me so much. When I have free time, I like to read books in various languages. You can speak with me in Hokkien Medan, Indonesian, English, Chinese, Spanish, or Esperanto.

I run a language blog at where you can find information about language learning and multilingual speakers’ world, from language learning methods to multilingual speakers’ perspective.

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