Top 2,500 Data Science, Big Data and Analytics Websites

The following comprehensive listings were produced by analyzing our large member database, extracting websites that our members mentioned or liked, and for each web site, identifying

  1. When it is first mentioned by one of our members
  2. The number of times it was mentioned
  3. Keywords found when visiting the front page with a web crawler, using a pre-selected list of seed keywords

The design of the member database (non-mandatory sign-up questions and choices offered to new members on sign-up) was done by our home data scientist (me) long ago, precisely with the purpose in mind of performing analyses like this one, down the road. Other analyses produced in the past include: 6,000 companies hiring data scientists, best cities for data scientists, demographics of data scientists, and 400 job titles for data scientists: see related links at the bottom of this article.

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